Monday, December 19, 2011

Elder Fitch: December 5, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a white christmas! woo!
This week was awesome! We fixed 3 baptism dates with the family Slepcik! It's the grandma, the mother, and the daughter. 3 generations. I'm super excited! They are a wonderful family! They are so incredibly open to the spirit. They love the Book of Mormon and read it everyday. The daughter, Michaela, has already read PAST Mosiah 23. wow. AND she is going to come down to Toulouse on wednesday night to go to the institute class for the young adults, ha her grandma is coming too. Im SO STOKED! Plus I'm learning to speak a little slovakian/czech.
Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting at church, and Auguste got up and bore a powerful testimony. He's been havin some stugles, but he has just rocked it! He has anchored himself in Christ and is overcoming mountains. I have learned more from him then I have been able to even try to share with him. He is just solid.
Oh hey! good news!............WE FINALLY MOVED!! We spent most of the day friday getting ready and then moved half the day saturday. WOW I can not even describe the difference! It's HUGE. We have probably THE nicest appartment in the mission, at least the nicest kitchen. It's incredible. It really was a miricle that we even found it in the first place, SPECIALLY for the price that we got. The only hold up was that we didn't have hot water or heat until this afternoon. Needless to say our showers were sketchy and there was much screaming. Also it was just cold, but as of today it is all good and we have hot water, and there was much rejoicing, yay. Man what a blessing.
Other than that not a whole lot of news.... We are already booked with dinners for the week of Christmas, that is kinda cool. The members were auctioning us off, it was funny. Oh we're so loved here. Seriously though, Montauban is very special in that the members actually invite you over. ching, another blessing.
Man being a missionary is just awesome! I love it. This is a marvelous work and it is a blessing to be able to be apart of it. C'est hyper chouette!
I love you all so very much and I miss you the same, I pray for you everyday. Take care et à bientôt!
Love Elder Fitch

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