Sunday, September 25, 2011

Elder Fitch: September 19, 2011

Yet another week has come and it has gone.
Tuesday night to Wendesday night I was on an exchange in Toulouse. It was really good for me actually. The Elder I was with is a little bit...comment on dit..... special? ya, ya he's a little bit special. The problem is is that he acts wierd because he like to act wierd. He is capable of normality, I've seen it. He just chooses to be wierd, that's all. He gets really awkward, like socially awkward I mean. He'll talk with a really exagerated american accent. None of this would I really care about if he would be normal when we are trying to talk to people, but no. He just says wierd things to people, I don't know, that part was a little frustrating. The good part for me was we did have a few rendez vous and he didn't say a whole ton, or he'd say something wierd. So lets just say I got a very good teaching practice. It really was a good experience and plus I got to stay at the same apartment that my companion from the MTC lives right now. Yup good ol Elder Turley. He is still my favorite companion, well at least with hind sight. Toulouse is very big, alot bigger than Im used to. It moves really fast and theres TONS of people everywhere. It's definitely a change from lil ol Montauban, still even from Nimes.
Oh ya and This black lady yelled at me for about ten minutes cause eveytime I proved what she was saying was wrong and asking her to support what she was saying and couldn't, so she got really upset, and eventually walked away with steem coming out of her ears. We don't ever start things like that, she came up to us trash talking us and the church and stuff, But I'm going to defend what I represent. Im going to say thats one point for the Lord, hehe He'll always win. Even though sometimes it's better just to walk away first from those people, I kind of like it, because I really just find the words I need to say as they are coming out of my mouth. That is spiritual help, I know that because I know I am not that intelligent.
We ate at this guys house on thursday night. His name is Kiri and he is a rugby player from Samoa. He is a member but his wife isn't, they are so nice and so generous towards us. Eating there I realized why I wasn't called to an Island mission. I would die....from eating too much. I'm already not a big eater and they just make so much food and expect you to eat it ALL. We don't want to be impolite so...we keep eating. Holy cow, I think I ate enough to feed a family of four for a whole day, breakfast lunch and dinner. I'd get so fat serving in the islands. Its good for me here because there are alot of islanders, so I get to enjoy the people, but I don't have to eat so much.
Saturday we had a really good rendez vous. It was actually a second meeting. This guy, whose name is Ismael, I actually contacted when I was on the exchange with my zone leader, ya know when i was sore for a week after, yeah that one. Anyway this is his story, he is from the Ivory coast. He grew up there in very very bad conditions. It became so bad that he got on a boat with 27 other people that was headed for Europe. On the way 23 of the 28 people died. He was one of the 5 that survived. He started out in Holand, but didn't have much luck there so he made his way down to France where he could at least speak the language. When I first met him he had no work no place to stay, he just would sleep outside. Let me tell you, he hs such an incredible attitude. He has lived alot a very horrible things, not once did I hear him say something negative. He was very open about his situation and would say it how it was, but he is always positive. He now has a job and is working to save up so he can get a place to stay. In his troubles he turned to God instead of away, and that has made all the difference, thats why he agreed to meet us in the first place, because he had kept his faith. I look at him, whose lived a life full of misery and death but can still be happy, and I look and these people I meet everyday who haven't been through a fraction of what he has and they've turned from God in anger. All they have to say is how horrible there life is and they complain about their whole life story and theyre miserable. We are here in this life to be happy. Lets be happy, even in our hard times, its just better, for everyone. Lets be positive.
Sunday was pretty good! We had two amis that came. One we weren't expecting at all, so we were very happy she came. It was really good for them and they really like it which was good because church here can be a little crazy and or intense sometimes.
Oh Yeah! we had a fight in our appartment building last monday night. It was a couple floors down in the middle of the night. We didn't know that thats what had happen until some people that were investigating knocked on our door at lunch time the next day to ask us what we had heard or if we knew. then it was interesting going down to get out. There was blood all over. Smeared on the walls, even puddles and smears on the floor. kinda nasty, cool huh?
So things are still going good here. Still very little. Still not a lot of people. Still hard. Still moving forward. Still lovin it.
I love you all plus que je peux vous dire.
Elder Fitch

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