Sunday, September 25, 2011

Elder Fitch: September 12, 2011

So it not being the first week of the transfer things really seemed to go a lot faster this week.
We had a cool experience with our recent convert Auguste. He has had a litttle bit of a hard time lately. He owns an auto school, and it just so happened that we were walking by at the perfect time. He invited us in and asked if we had anything we could share with him. Imediately a scripture I had read that mornig popped into my head, so i went looking for it, however i couldn't remember the exact reference. I kept feeling like it was John 14 something. Elder kirkpatrick turned there to try and help me and he happened to look on the next page in John 15 and found a completely different scripture than i was thinking but he shared it and it was EXACTLY what Auguste needed to hear. He was really suprised. Later when we were back home i looked up the scripture i was thinking and it wasn't anywhere near John 14. That was team tag spirit work. One point for the Lord. No but seriously it was really cool.
We were able to meet with our new amis Stephanie a couple times. She is really cool and really nice, but it is very slow moving with her. She is very supersticious about things, and has a way of changing the topic. She did come to church yesterday and she had a really good experience. I don't know what religions or churches shes been to before but she lwas suprised to hear people say they are really "believing". That they came to church because they believed in God. So its interesting but its moving so that is what matters.
There was yet another holiday this weeked. It is called the 400 coup. The history behind it is after the Protestants had taken over the city the catholics were pretty put out so they layed siege to Montauban. And apperently it took them 400 canon shots to retake Montauban. So voila. just another excuse to party. anyway it was like a mini Feria like thereas in Nimes. They brought in all kinds of little carnival rides and things and activities and of course plenty of stands to buy beer. This party raged well into the wee hours of the mornig friday, saturday, and suday. We live right next to centreville so it was very loud. One thing that was cool though was saturday night they had a firework show. and the launching point was literally right at our building. They launched them right off a bridge that is right below us. It was a pretty good show, but the intense part was the noise! it was SO loud! and it just echoed off of all the buildings and amplified it. It was pretty sweet.
Sunday of course you all know it was September 11th. I was suprised to see how world wide that really was. There has been all kinds of things going on about it. Apperently there has been tv specials running all week and we see news paper and magazines all over the place. Of course the opinions differ. Some think it was just a dumb excuse for Bush to start a war and how evil The United States is, but for the most part people look at it here just how we look at it, a tragic disaster that took the lives of innocent people. A lot of our contacts have turned to that subject, especially when they realize we're Americans. It's hard to believe its already been ten years. I remember that day, i remember exactly what i was doing and how i felt, as im sure everyone of you do. In and of itself it holds deep meaning for us, but at the same time it is a reminder of everyone that have lost or given their lives so that we can have and so that we can keep the many blessings we have and take for granted. I hope we all can remember that and remember to thank God for what we have, for who we have in our lives. ok im done, let me just step down off my soap box here. ok bon there we go.
Well everythingse is going pretty good, this week i bet will go fast too. We have an exchange tomarrow and i will be working in Toulouse, which will be a nice break from good ol Montauban seeing as how i haven't worked in another city for about two months. so that will be fun!
COol well i love you all and i hope you have a wonderful week filled with sunshine and flowers. I LOVE YOU ALL!
Elder Fitch

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